Who is Helena Hutte?


More than twenty years ago I became a teacher in Mirambika, a spiritual primary school for integral education in New Delhi - India. While I was there I found out that I have an intuitive sensitivity for seeing, hearing and feeling people's hidden pains. Then and there I felt that expressing my purpose in life was to teach and do energywork and that's what I've been doing ever since. I'm always inspired to learn more and on deeper levels, which started something that seems like a lifelong process:

One year's training in:
Singing Bowls (Hans de Back)
Aromatherapy (Dons Herfst
Kinesiology (Hester Mellema)
Teacher Baby massage (Coby de Jong)
Two year's training in:
Flower remedy therapist (Bram Zaalberg)
Four year's education in:
Healing and reading (Soare)
Shiatsu/ Reflexology (Yoshinono Miyashita/ CSMBK)
Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology (Arcos, 3 years)

I am being trained in working with “The Journey” (Brendon Bays).
I have also been active for many years in the field of Aikido, Tai Chi and Yoga, so stretching and breathing exercises can form part of the session.

In addition, I work part-time as a teacher in a primary school and there I am specialised in doing remedial teaching and art-classes.