Practise for parent and child


  Praktijk voor moeder en kind


Through the years in my practise I have developed a specialisation to work with parents and children. Especially children with emotional problems react very directly and openly to this approach.
A childsession takes 45 minutes and it is amazing to see how fast things can change within that time.
For mothers this therapy can be very wholesome if they are for instance
dealing with things like; feeling  exhausted, having pregnancy problems or any form of stress.

 Integral treatment 

Do you want to be your real self again, relax and be filled with energy? Or do you have any specific questions? The answers lie within you, but sometimes it is easier to start searching together with someone. In this treatment you may smoothly find your balance physically or emotionally and recognize your inner power.
The usual approach in this practice is to take a subject and determine what has priority to start with. During treatment the therapies mentioned above may each be used when needed. Visualisations and breathing techniques are an integral part here. The focus is on your specific needs of the moment.
What we do during treatment is to stimulate your self-healing potential; it is so much greater than most of us realize! The integral treatment takes about 90 minutes, including an anamnesis or case history to be gone through during the first session.


As part of the treatment a Flower Essences consultation is often included. In that case we'll look which drops will help best in your present situation, to offer additional support. What follows is an explanation of the meaning of the remedies and how to use them best. During a period of three  to four weeks  you are meant to take the drops several times daily. After that we see what changes have been brought about and which essences are best suited to accompany and intensify these new developments.
The drops are chosen and applied through intuitive observation after continual interaction with the consulting person. For emotional problems, physical complaints as well as mental blocs, these remedies possess tremendous curative properties.