Helena Hutte

More than thirty years ago I became a teacher and found out I have a strong intuition for Healing. So I ended up specializing in both these fields and that’s what I’ve been doing ever since. Art in its many forms has been my passion and inspiration since I was very young ,always discovering new ways and sharing this with others, including story telling, story writing, singing, painting, drawing and textiles. I now live in Auroville- India and have been trained in:

  • Singing bowls,sound healing -Hans de Back
  • Aromatherapy -Dons Herfst
  • Kinesiology, food, supplements -Hester Mellema
  • Braingym -Elly Dienske
  • Teacher Baby Massage -Coby de Jong
  • Flower remedy therapist -Bram Zaalberg
  • Healing & Reading -Soare
  • Shiatsu -Yoshinoro Miyashita
  • Reflexology -CSMBK
  • Anatomy,Physiology,Pathology -Arcos
  • The Journey -Brendon Bays

Dance, Aikido, Tai Chi and Yoga are also in the repertoire, so stretching and breathing exercises can form part of the session. My deep connection with nature and its elements makes that working with stones, grounding and the earth grid is often included.
As an educator I am a specialized trainer in Write Dance and art classes, with a post graduate in special needs and coaching. I was born and trained in the Netherlands.

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