Aroma Therapy

This therapy makes use of essential oils to regenerate,aromatherapie_nov06 re-activate and heal the body. Fragrances are sent to the emotional centre in our brain, the limbic system. This is in direct contact with the brain section where heartbeat, blood pressure, respiration, reproductive activity, memory and the ebb and flow of tensions are regulated.

So the aroma of essential oils have an immediate effect on our whole being. When the oils are used in a vaporizer, you can absorb the aroma via the nose organ. It is equally possible to absorb particular oil into the bloodstream via the skin by means of massage. It reinforces the positive result. Oil massage stimulates the circulation of blood and lymph; it heightens or ameliorates nerve stimuli and one’s vital energy is increased.

Here are some examples of essential oils and their effects:

· Bergamot – has a relaxing function, It gives vitality and stability; it makes you see life from its sunny side.
· Tea Tree – diminishes inflammations and allergies, stimulates the immune system, and wards off the common cold and bronchitis.
· Lavender – calming tensions, helps against insomnia, offers relief in constipation and spasms, lessens pain, helpful in skin problem such as rash or small wounds, reassuring, takes the edge off emotional hypersensitivity.
· Rose – helps people with a dry, sensitive, inflammatory skin, reinforces cardiac energy, renders feelings of love for partner and child relieves anxiety and emotional uncertainty.

ATTENTION!: A few types of oil must be advised against in case of pregnancy.

Essential oils cannot be applied to the skin in their undiluted form; a base oil is always necessary. Suitable carrier oils are for example: almond, borage, jojoba or peach kernel, to name a few.
For adults generally the prescription is: five to ten drops on ten ml of basic oil.

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