Baby massage course

sitefoto3Do you want to strengthen the bond between your child and you? Then you have a very fine method in baby massaging. Doing your massaging you get to know your child much better. You will discover intuitively that it loves most of all to be touched. Through this bodily contact it will feel safe, secure and at home. Touching with love is always a good thing and can work wonders; therefore you can mean a lot to your baby, even without any experience in massaging! During the six lessons you will naturally learn several massage techniques; in each lesson there is a different theme:

– How can I help my child to relax?
– Massaging prevents disorders
– Intestinal spasms (tummy aches) and
basic safety
– Crying and overstretching
– Birth
– Health and development

We start the lesson discussing the subject and exchanging experiences. After that it is time to start massaging, during which attention is also paid to the relaxation of you as a parent personally.
At the end of a lesson there is room for questions, individual attention and a chat.

Meant for whom?
Parents with children in the ages of six weeks to nine months.(max. 9 parents with their children)

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