Brain gym

IMG_20171226_095554Braingym is a movement based program with the intention to lead to optimal learning and to reclaim the joy of living. It promotes play and joy of learning, it helps drawing out our innate intelligence, it encourages self-responsibility, creativity and self expression.
Braingym also empowers the participant to better take charge of the own learning process and builds awareness regarding the value of movement in daily life.

Everybody who is motivated to ‘get moving’ can do these exercises that help to optimize oneself and let the coordination of our two brain hemispheres be integrated.
For children it can be very helpful in overcoming learning difficulties and experiences of being blocked in school. The focus is on re-contacting our own unique learning qualities and abilities, taking a positive approach.

For adolescents and adults it can help to improve reading, (creative) writing and any other skills where movement and coordination is involved. It can help to optimize the functioning of eyes and ears, being a way to de-stress and recharge. Emotional issues that may be a possible cause of any problem mentioned above can also be dealt with within this system.

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