Cell salts

Dr Schussler’s cell salts therapy is a method that claims: ‘If the 12 cell salts are present in the organism in the right place and proportion, this will be determinating the overall condition and the individual’s capacity of assimilation and regeneration’.

Around 1860 Dr. w. Schussler, during his celzoutenwork as a biochemist, discovered that when he analysed the cremated body of someone who recently died, the ashes only consisted of 12 ingredients: the 12 cell salts. By looking at the proportions of these cell salts, it can be measured if someone is or is not balanced at the biochemical level. Deficiency, on this biochemical level, leads towards functional disturbances of the natural defence mechanism and has an effect on the function of each cell.

By supplementing the cell salts, the cells can restore themselves again. Furthermore, it is important, not only to look at disturbing environmental factors, but also to take a serious look at one’s diet, to minimalise the chance of new deficiencies in the future.

Testing the right type and quantity of cell salts is being done in my practise by using the biotensor.

For more information, look at http://www.vita-reform.nl

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