Flower Essences

cursusbloesemStrengthening a positive view on life has a transforming effect on a negative state of mind. Flower essences support, reinforce and accelerate this process. It is a natural method that brings about equilibrium and harmony. When inner peace and harmony are established, one’s energy level can be restored.

Of course this therapy is no substitute for any medical intervention. It has primarily a positive and supportive function towards emotions, thoughts and feelings.

A general prescription is not really effective, for each individual has a different mental and emotional make-up. It is always preferable to be advised by an experienced therapist, even if the drops can do no harm. A general indication would be: when taken immediately, 2 – 3 drops on a small glass of water; in slight dilution: 3 times 4 drops every day. Better is to have this tested precisely

Beside the Bach remedies, that originated from England 75 years ago, other remedy systems based on flowers have been developed.
The ones I work mostly with are:

· Flower Essences The Netherlands
· Australian Bush Essences, Living Essences Australia
· Flower Essences of Fox Mountains, Desert Alchemy, F.E.S. essences, Flower Essences Alaska : USA
· Living light Essences, Pacific sea Essences : Canada
· Mother’s Remedies: India

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