Foot Reflexology course

voetFor those who want a further development of their intuition. Learn to discover how the body can keep itself fit. You will be taught so many different skills that you can give anybody a delightful, relaxing foot massage. Besides, a great many complaints can be treated this way. By stimulating the reflex points on the foot we influence the body organs via the nerve system and the self-healing capacity of your system is therefore reinforced.

It’s the basic course in which the following subjects are treated:
· First and foremost there is the massaging of the foot with all relevant techniques.
· A bit of medical background information and on the symbolism of the organs.
· Additional information from and demonstration of other disciplines – singing bowls, breathing techniques, meridian- and chakra-teaching, physical exercises, ethereal oils and visualisation. This will enrich the massage and give some idea of what an integral approach will be like.
· Giving and receiving – during each lesson every member of the group will be massaged and learn to give massage

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