Hand and Meridian massage

handen1In this weekend workshop we make a study of the reflexology points on the hand. Handy to have your own treatment at hand any moment of the day! Besides you learn to help other persons with the hand reflexology method.

A hand massage works in a direct way on the emotional side of a person; it gives relaxation and well-being. Combined with a foot reflexology treatment the result is considerably stronger. Especially complaints such as headache, migraine, stiffness in the shoulders, strained neck, RSI, allergies, common cold, overstrained eyes and stress.

In addition you are taught a number of Shiatsu techniques handenand meridian points, specially directed towards work on the above complaints. Attention is also paid to the energetic way of massaging with the help of visualisation and aroma therapy.
This special weekend workshop of 5 lessons will increase your enthusiasm for massage!

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