Chakra and Aura HealingChakras

Chakras are energy centres along the spinal cord. They are situated at those places where nerve bundles branch off to all parts of the body. They are also materially connected to the endocrine glands. Each chakra represents a state of consciousness that can be expressed in feelings. These chakras can be treated from the front or the back of the body; also on the foot, the hand and in the aura.
The aura is everybody’s ‘energy coat’, one’s radiation. Our body contains such an abundance of energy that it shines through into the outer world.

Simultaneously with the recovery of your energy body – your aura – the cause of an illness can be taken away. In other words, your thoughts, your emotions and attitude towards life are of direct influence on your whole physical functioning. Clearly most of these emotional and mental activities take place at subconscious levels. It is possible to improve contact with these processes by opening up mentally and starting to take your intuition a bit more seriously. More often than not illness can be prevented by letting go your worries and tensions more consciously.

A short summary of the seven chakras from the bottom up:
1) Base chakra: survival, flight or fight reactions, health, home, family, life force, earth contact, bonding with the womb, safety, faith.
2) Sacral chakra: sex organs, kidneys, adrenal glands, vital or sexual energy, emotion, physical balance and co-ordination, longing, capacity to go with the flow.
3) Solar Plexus chakra: digestive organs, certainty, self, warmth, will power, power, authority, shame.
4) Heart chakra: blood circulation, vegetative nerve system, thymus gland, love, relations, dedication, grief, intimacy, equilibrium.
5) Throat chakra: neck, eye, ear, respiratory system, creativity, personal space, communicating thought and feelings.
6) Brow chakra: hypophysis gland, co-ordination, visualisation, intuition, dreaming, images.
7) Crown chakra: epiphysis gland, consciousness, convictions, intelligence, opening to the cosmos.

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