Applied Kinesiology also called Touch for Health is based on a combination of western chiropraxis and eastern meridian teaching. It is a method that tests the muscle reaction to a slight pressure. It aims to detect and treat disturbances or energetic blocs he relative neurolymphatic meridian and chakra points. Also adaptations in food habits and lifestyle can contribute to the recovery of the energy balance.

By testing specific muscle groups the kind of treatment can be handenfound that is necessary to regain balance. Thus the type and quantity of ethereal oil or blossom remedy is perfectly adapted to the individual. Using this method we are also able to trace precisely how to compose the right diet for somebody with a food allergy or some hypersensitivity.
The Touch for Health approach enables us to help people with widely divergent complaints, be it of a physical nature, emotional, mental, or on an energetic level. The interaction between patient and therapist is essential. The more openness there is during treatment the more depth the treatment will have.
One point of consideration in Touch for Health is that there are impulses that either reinforce your system or weaken it. Testing whether muscles show a forceful reaction or a weak one, it can be detected which impulses are involved and how the disturbance that caused it can be taken away.

In my practice I often make use of the biotensor, which works with the same principle as kinesiology. Especially while working with kinesiologie_biochildren and babies, this is easier. A wonderful aspect is that the body can tell us when the treatment has achieved its purpose. The result is a very precise approach that is directed towards your immediate needs.

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