shiatsu1Shiatsu in its massage system makes use of meridian energy. One may see meridians as forms of expression of Ki, strands of energy comparable to nerve bundles through the whole body. Meridians are connected to our organs and are grouped in pairs of Ying and Yang and related to the element they show most affinity to. The kidney and urine bladder meridian for instance is connected with the water element. In this way all organs can be ordered and form a circuit with one common energy flow. The ends of the meridians are to be found in the hands and feet. Treating these organs you consequently are working on the ends of the meridians.

Massaging the spinal column is equally important in Shiatsu. To each organ and each muscle there is a sinew from the branches of the central nerve system. So when treating shiatsuthis central column you are indirectly working on the whole body. In meridian teaching we have as a premise that a certain organ is connected with certain feelings. The gall bladder for instance is connected to emotions such as irritation and anger. This is found in universally known expressions such as ‘A galling experience’ when something goes against the grain.

Breathing exercises and stretching exercises are also an important part of Shiatsu; they are meant to activate the Ki where possible from the inner sources and harmonize it. Shiatsu treatments are able to afford great relief in a great number of complaints and ultimately help to regain your original balance.

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