Singing bowls

Afbeelding 067 - CopyThese sound producing bowls, varying in size, are made in the area in and around the Himalayas. They consist of an amalgamation of several metals and have each their own specific sound. They have a basic tone and several overtones. These can be sounded by beating or touching it in various ways.
Everything in nature is composed of vibrations; sound means vibration that has become audible.
When you look at the rim of the bowl while it is beaten, you can see the vibration. Sounds mean movement within strict inner proportions that is translated into a geometrical shape.

Many people listening to the bowls experience a feeling of rest, peace and relaxation. Its influence is harmonizing and order bringing, mentally as well as physically. The sound of a bowl has a healing effect on the electro-magnetic structure of the body. Measurements of the electro-magnetic wave patterns produced by the brains show that man has a number of states of consciousness.

· Beta waves – normal awake state
· Alfa waves – rest, complete relaxation, meditation
· Theta waves – near-sleep state
· Delta waves – deep sleep state
The bowl vibrations evoke alpha, sometimes even theta or delta waves.

How to choose the right bowl? You do so by listening, not with your ears only, but with your body and your feelings. Keep the bowl at navel height or at the level of your heart and often you very quickly know whether the feeling is pleasant or not. Every individual is different and consequently you feel attracted to the bowl that is wholesome for your system at that particular moment.

The bowls can be placed on the body while lying down. The vibrations that the individual then needs most are absorbed. After some time the full sound of the bowl is released again. The bowl can also be brought to vibration at some distance from the body.
It is important not to continue too long. The vibrations may give rise to more feelings than are expected in the first instance. It is of vital importance to know when to stop; intuitively being open to the individual you are working with. Practicing these sounds you learn to experience and undergo them.

Often people see colours, shapes and images when listening to the bowls. Sound has a curative and transforming influence on us, even on a cellular level. It may bring up stirrings of the soul such as feelings of love, grief or anger (old pains). Such a ‘sound massage’ invites growth and change i.e. old things are let go and we open up to new developments.
Tingshas are small bells that can be put to use in a way comparable to the bowls. They are active in the head area mainly.

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